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SBANE is now the New England Business Association

Wednesday, December 6, 2017  

SBANE is Now

New England Business Association

Refreshed & Ready to Grow!

We are excited to announce that SBANE has changed its name to New England Business Association. 

And more importantly, we've spent the past several months redesigning our membership and partnership structures, as well as enhancing the services and resources we provide to members.  

Our new name reflects an expanded focus and an innovative vision in our approach to supporting businesses in the region. Going forward, the New England Business Association will be leveraging more strategic partnerships to ensure that their involvement is impactful for members. In the coming months we will be debuting a few of our newest initiatives, which will include: access to capital, technology to grow your B2B network, and access to value-added providers, suppliers, and resources.

Amidst all of these exciting changes, our deference to our substantial legacy will remain the same. We continue to be dedicated to the core principles on which we were founded.

We hope you will tell a friend about our new name and new approach. New England Business Association is looking to the future, and we are very excited to lead the way in helping your business connect and grow.