Innovation Awards Application

The New England Business Association is introducing some exciting changes to the application and selection processes for the 2019 Innovation Awards 


What's New

  • Businesses must apply via video submission
  • Businesses apply directly and will not be nominated by a 3rd party
  • Six(6) Award Categories/Impact Areas are being introduced, so businesses are judged against similar companies
  • Applicants will be reviewed by, nominated by, and ultimately voted upon by members of the New England Innovation Society


Application, Nomination, and AWARDS PROCESS

  1. Companies must apply prior to the Application Deadline (April 1)
  2. Companies must apply directly for themselves, rather than be nominated by a 3rd party
  3. Previous nominees and applicants are encouraged to re-apply
  4. Members of the New England Innovation Society will review application videos and select Nominees for each Impact Area.
  5. Nominees will be paired with Mentors for a 3-month period; Mentors assist Nominees with their presentation content and skills, elevator pitch and overall business/idea development
  6. Nominees will be invited to the New England Innovation Showcase (September 19) to present to the Society in person.
  7. The Society judges Semi-Finalist presentations and select award recipients
  8. Winning companies are announced at the New England Innovation Awards Ceremony (October 24, 2019)


How To Apply 

  1. Select the Award Impact Area (category) of your company from the list below. Each company may apply to only Impact Area.
  2. Upon selection, click on the submission link to access our online Innovation Awards Application System.
  3. Enter your email (this is the email you will be using going forward, in case you need to edit your video submission), and hit the Next button
  4. Create an Account or Login page: the first time you visit the submission platform, you need to provide your First and Last Name, and then press the Register button (by-passing the Access Code Requirement). This action will generate an email sent to the email address from Step.3; use that email and set-up your password. Once this step is complete, the combination of email and password selected, can be used every time you log-in to edit your video (or to submit a video to a different Impact Area/Category)
  5. Chose one of the methods below for your video submission:
  • Download the Video Creator Tool, create, and edit a video up to 2 minutes long that includes the information specified in step 5


  • If you already have a video you wish to upload, select "Upload a Video", ensuring that your video is no longer than 2 minutes and includes all of the information specified on step 5
  1. Your video should describe your business and its history. Be sure to discuss your business's innovative approaches and practices, as well as successes. Be thorough, but please keep your video to 2 minutes. It is VERY important that your innovation is CLEARLY communicated through your video, as this is the single most important element that will ultimately help you stand out from your fellow applicants and move on to the next level of the competition, to become an official New England Innovation Award Nominee 2019.
  2. You may log back in to review and edit your submission up until the Application Submission Deadline (April 1,2019).


Key Dates To Remember:

  • January 2, 2019 – First Day to Submit Video Applications
  • April 1, 2019 – Deadline to Submit Applications
  • May 16, 2019 – Announcement of Nominees
  • September 19, 2019 – New England Innovation Showcase / Nominee Presentations
  • October 24, 2019 – New England Innovation Awards Ceremony



Video Submissions will be accepted beginning January 2, 2019 

Click on an Award Impact Area below to begin application process:





If you have questions about the application process, please contact  New England Business Association at (781) 890-9070 x221