Senior Executive Circle

Your Peer Advisory Group

Are there days where you find yourself needing clarity in implementing your strategic plan, managing your operations, motivating your employees, or satisfying your customer base? You are not alone.

New England Business Association presents a targeted forum and peer-to-peer advisory group aimed at enhancing the value of a CEO, COO, CMO, CFO, president, owner or partner in their business’s decision-making processes. You may find yourself being completely consumed with the rigors of running your day-to-day operations that you do not have the focus or resources available to make strategic improvements for your business. That is where Senior Executive Circle comes in.

There is a vast network of other like-minded leaders in our small business community and, although these executives may be completely different verticals, they are confronted with similar challenges and critical responsibilities. Imagine being able to tap into their combined experience to help guide you in ways you may have not otherwise considered.

New England Business Association has pivoted on its original CEO Dialog concept to develop an elevated peer-to-peer program that aligns individuals in senior management positions with an advisory board formulated to delve into candid, solution-seeking discussions. The power of a peer group can make a fundamental difference in your business and career. Perhaps you are a Millennial facing the unique challenges and pressures of running a start-up or you are a family-owned business with your succeeding generations poised to take over in the next few years, Senior Executive Circle is the place for vital members of any management team.

Senior Executive Circle is laser-focused on New England Business Association’s central mission – helping businesses succeed. We invite you to seek out the opportunity to innovate and grow your business through the ideas, insight and knowledge of your peers.

Hear what long-term members Chuck Tidman, Partner at Bowditch & Dewey, and Mitch Bloom, President at Aviva Labs, have to say about Senior Executive Circle.


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Important Information for the 2019-2020 Season:

Enrollment Deadline: Friday, SEptember 6, 2019

$649 – Association Members

$749 – Non-Members




Enrollment includes two 3-hour Expert Speaker Workshops – topics, dates and time TBD

These workshops will be open to Senior Executive Circle participants only.

Please watch for more details as they become available.

For more information, please contact Susan Barber, Vice President, at or at 781.890.9070 ext 236.

How It Works


Senior Executive Circle is a ten-month program, which gets underway in September.

At the start of the season, you and your group members develop a monthly meeting schedule that will work for you and the other members of your group. Each member of your Senior Executive Circle group will have a chance to host a meeting at his or her place of business or another convenient location. When you host a meeting, you will present your most pressing issues and get objective advice and new ideas from the other members of the group.

Meetings are usually held in the later afternoon or early evenings and last about three hours. Historically, members have hosted one 3-hour meeting per season or two 1 ½ hour meetings.

Topics that come up for discussion can be heavily weighted, such as closing a business, relocating, renovating, seeking the right kind of financing, terminating employees or coping with a partnership that is falling apart.

Group Composition

You will be placed in a group of about 10 fellow chief executives, presidents, partners, directors, founders and business owners from a variety of industries and backgrounds. This group will act as your board of advisors. Each group includes an experienced facilitator, known as the group “Captain”, who assists the host to ensure that the discussion stays on topic.

Each group is formed with careful consideration, ensuring that competitors are not placed together, and with geographical relevancy so that attending meetings is convenient. Also examining company size, growth objectives, industry and years in business enables us to make appropriate group assignments that will be most beneficial for all participants.

What Senior Executive Circle Is Not

An opportunity to solicit business from others in the group. You may, however work for other members if they solicit help from you. It is also not a place to network. Networking can, and does, happen as a result of meeting with your group but is not the primary purpose of the program. Senior Executive Circle is here to help you become a better leader and in doing so, help your business succeed!

 Who Is Eligible?


If you are in control of a business looking for professional insight and perspective to formulate new strategies to generate profit and visibility, Senior Executive Circle is the place for you. Our program’s participants are within the realm of the C-suite.

  • You are within the C-suite management level, a decision-maker in your company, or…
  • You are in a family business, positioned to become the successor
  • You can commit to the 10-month program (meeting once per month for 3 hours)
  • You can agree to uphold the understanding of confidentiality within each meeting
  • You are willing to stretch yourself and others, a willingness to consider new ways of thinking
  • You are team-oriented and have a genuine desire to help others succeed



What can I expect in joining Senior Executive Circle?

Truthful and direct feedback is crucial when it comes to making an informed decision. You will receive brutally honest feedback from experienced senior executives that most likely have been in a similar situation as you find yourself in.

Even a trusted advisor may offer a diluted perspective or opinion because of a vested interest. There are no ties in Senior Executive Circle, creating open lines of communication, which truly is the best preparation when it comes to making an informed decision.

What makes Senior Executive Circle successful?

  • Confidentiality is a must. For the program to be effective, each member must feel comfortable sharing concerns with the group.
  • Plan, prepare and prepare to listen. Do not wait until the last minute to determine what issues or concerns you would like to bring to the discussion when it is your turn to host. The host will receive a lot of feedback. It is the group’s responsibility to hold the host accountable for following through on the recommendations offered. A peer group is the only place where other people hold chief executives accountable for what they say they will do.
  • Setting a schedule for the season and sticking to that schedule.

Can I trust that financials and other information will be kept confidential?

Each participant is asked to sign a document at the beginning of the program, vowing not to disclose or discuss any financial or other information from the meetings. The program has run successfully for over 35 years. The core of the program is honesty and trust.

What types of businesses enroll in Senior Executive Circle?

A wide variety of companies, including manufacturers, high tech firms, service oriented (legal, financial), HR firms, public relations/marketing, law firms, consultants, family owned, accountants, health care products and services, construction, retail, and suppliers/distributors.

 Registration Process

When you enroll in Senior Executive Circle, the registration form you complete will enable us to make appropriate group assignments. The cost for members is $649 and non-members is $749, a very small investment for the value you receive. Most other facilitated peer-to-peer advisory groups can cost up to ten times as much. Deadline to register for the upcoming season is September 6, 2019. Once enrolled and payment is received, you will hear from the program’s manager in proceeding days with your group assignment and further details.