About New England Innovation Awards

New England has a long history of innovation and entrepreneurial leadership. From the mid-19th century when it provided our nation with everything from axes and saws to textile and cod oil, to current date when superb entrepreneurship, elite educational institutions, student ingenuity and drive come together to develop ideas and products that bring sci-fi movies to mind, New England revolutionizes the way we think and work, on a daily basis.

New England Business Association feels that innovation is at the heart of economic prosperity and we continue to recognize those companies that have transformed their innovative ideas into a product or service that delivers proven value to customers. The New England Innovation Awards Program was started in 1986 and, since then, almost 200 companies have won this prestigious award. Nominees and winners represent a wide array of industries and market segments, such as technology, manufacturing, retail, distribution, pharmaceuticals, non-profit organizations, and many more. 


What's New

This year we are introducing some exciting changes to the application and selection processes for the 2019 Innovation Awards:

  • Businesses must apply via a short (2 minute) video submission;
  • Businesses apply directly, and will not be nominated by a third party;
  • Six (6) Impact Areas/Award Categories are being introduced so businesses are judged against similar companies
  • Applicants will be reviewed by and ultimately voted upon by members of the New England Innovation Society.



  • Applicant Companies/Organizations Need to be Headquartered in New England,
  • Have a significant breakthrough (product, process, technology) to bring to their fields, and
  • Fit into one of the Six (6) Existing Impact Areas/Award Categories.


 2019 DATES

  • First Day to Submit Video Applications: January 2
  • Last Day to Submit Video Applications: April 4, 12 noon
  • Announcement of 2019 Innovation Award Nominees: May 16
  • New England Innovation Showcase/Nominee Presentations: September 19
  • New England Innovation Awards Ceremony: October 24


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