How Members Get Involved

Looking to grow your business? Make new connections? Take advantage of educational opportunities? Benefit from exclusive deals?

There are many different ways that you can get involved in New England Business Association, including:

Social Link: The Social Link Member Portal is one of our greatest offerings. It makes it easy for Members to interact with each other via an exclusive online community. This platform is a one-stop-shop for B2B networking, marketing, job-posting/searching, and communication.

Member Directory: New England Business Association maintains a Member Directory via Social Link to facilitate and support member interaction. The searchable listings are designed to provide members immediate information about other members, including: industry, location, points of contact, company descriptions, website links, LinkedIn and Twitter profile links, and contact information for the company and its individual employees. The Member Directory is considered an essential reference for our community. Our directory is not available to the general public.

Service Providers Group: The New England Business Association's Service Providers Group is a formal service providers networking and referral group. It will provide Members with excellent opportunities to meet other like-minded Association Members during structured monthly meetings. These connections will enable Members to seek the benefits from mutual referrals and pointed networking.

Manufacturing Matching Grant Program:  This program, formerly known as “Lay-off Aversion Program Through Management Assistance, is funded through an appropriation from the Massachusetts State Legislature, seeks to provide targeted grants to manufacturing companies for projects that enhance the company’s top or bottom line, and has recently been approved for a ninth year of state funding. New England Business Association has allocated $1,637,500 in public funds to over 187 Massachusetts manufacturing companies that supported 9,364 jobs and approximately $478 million in total payroll since the program’s inception.

Senior Executive Circle: This is a targeted forum and peer-to-peer advisory group aimed at enhancing the value of a CEO, COO, CMO, CFO, president, owner or partner in their business’ decision-making processes. You may be so completely consumed with the rigors of running your day-to-day operations that you do not have the focus or resources available to make strategic improvements for your business. That is where Senior Executive Circle comes in. There is a vast network of other like-minded leaders in our small business community and, although these executives may be from completely different verticals, they are confronted with similar challenges and critical responsibilities. Imagine being able to tap into their combined experience to help guide you in ways you may have not otherwise considered.

Committees: New England Business Association has a diverse and active committee structure. Committee involvement is an excellent way for our Members to become deeply involved with the organization and meet like-minded business owners and CEO’s. Our Members have the opportunity to join any committee that interests them. The committee meetings are free to attend, usually held monthly and often discuss industry topics or relevant questions and issues.

Preferred Vendor Marketplace: Our Preferred Vendor Program is a cyclical RFP process. It will give Members and Partners the opportunity to apply for Preferred Vendor status and market various services and products directly to our Members.  This program gives our Members access to much-need resources at exclusive rates, and in doing so, also promotes Companies who have outstanding achievement in their respective industries by giving them a platform to promote their products/services.