New England Innovation Awards Incubation & Mentorship Program

The 2019 Application process concludes on Monday, April 1st, 5:00 pm EST. The Judges spend the following 6 weeks reviewing and judging applicant videos, and announce their 2019 Nominee Selections for each of the Award Impact Areas:

  1. Environmental Impact and Sustainability,
  2. Fitness and Wellness,
  3. Technology / IoT / Electronics,
  4. Life Sciences (Biotech, Pharma, Medical Devices),
  5. Manufacturing and Robotics, and
  6. Non Profit,

on Thursday May 19, 2019. Each Impact Area will be represented by 4 to 6 Nominees; these companies/organizations will proceed to the second phase of the competition: the New England Innovation Showcase (where they will be asked to deliver a short, in-person presentation to members of the New England Innovation Society). 

Once the 2019 Nominees are announced, the Incubation and Mentorship Program officially begins.


The aim of this program is to provide Nominees with an "incubation period", in which they will undergo a series of intense Mentorship modules that will prepare them with a range of business-critical skills from presenting a pitch to investors, to optimizing the halo-effect of winning. Each Nominee Company will be coached by an Industry-Leader Mentor who will enable them to effectively communicate their product pitch, create riveting value propositions, identify and seize opportunities and persuasively talk to potential investors. Moving the Awards Ceremony from May to October allows Nominees a whole 3 months of a fully-immersive experience with an Industry-Leader, who may forever change their business and personal future.

Although the Mentorship program was much shorter in previous years, the testimonials below (click on the image for sound) offer an insight on the tremendous impact of this program to winners and mentors, alike.