Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of applying for a NE Innovation Awards? 

There are absolutely no costs associated with applying, participating or being mentored during the Innovation Award Season. 

Can I apply for an Award with more than one products? 

Yes, as long as you apply with only one product per Impact Area. You can apply for more than one Impact Areas, but you can only submit one product entry within each Impact Area. 

I am interested in applying for a NE Innovation Award. What are the criteria for entry? 

1. Your company/organization needs to be headquartered in one of the 6 New England states (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont). 

2. Your product or service has to be available on the market, or intend to enter the market within the next 6 months. 

3. Your innovation falls into one of the existing Innovation “Impact” Areas. 

4. You commit to present in person to our Judges, should you be voted to the final stage of the competition (the New England Innovation Showcase). 

What is the 2019 timeline? 

1. Application Process/On-line Entries Accepted: January 1 to April 15 

2. Initial Judging Phase: April 16 to April 30 

3. Announcement of Official Nominees (that move on to the finals/Showcase): May 15 

4. Finals (Live Presentations and Product Exhibits): September 19th 

5. Award Ceremony and Dinner (Announcement of Winners): October 24th  

How can I submit an entry? 

The application process takes place online, through a Video Submission Platform. You need to upload a brief, 2-minute video highlighting your product/process/technology. The video submission online is currently closed for 2019; it will re-open on January 1st, 2020, for the 2020 Innovation Awards Season.  

What are the judging criteria? 

1. Degree of innovation of the Idea (Product, Process or Technology): Is it evident that this idea/product/process/technology has distinct, game-changing advantages over any other existing alternatives? Does it offer a fundamentally new and improved way of doing things? Will it revolutionize a market segment or open a completely new market (creating a need that is unfulfilled of not event currently existing in the market)? 

2. Viability and Delivery: Does the idea/product/process/technology make sense (conceptually, technically and financially)? Is it viable to make it through production and be delivered to the greater market? Is its message and broader story of the innovation communicated in clear and convincing manner? Have consumers been engaged in the process yet? How? Have they seen clear benefits from using it? What do they think about it? 

3. Value and Financial Sustainability: Is the concept/product/process/technology viable in the real market? Is there adequate market potential? Does the organizational plan to manage this venture seem to be well thought out? Does it seem likely that the product/process/technology will continuously succeed in generating enough revenue to cover costs and operation 

Who judges the applications? 

All applications are judged by members of the New England Innovation Society; past Innovation Award Winners, and an ad-hoc group of Industry Peers and Leaders who have made strides in innovation and technology and share a passion for breakthrough thinking and reshaping the way business is done. To see this year’s Judges, go to

Can I drop-out of the competition?

Yes, of course. Just notify is of your decision immediately, so we can offer your spot to one of the runner-ups.

What if I make it to the finals?

You will receive written instructions from us on how to proceed. Between the time you are selected as a finalist and the time you are actually called to present to the Judges, there is a 3-month period. We will guide you through the steps and be there to support you and help you fine-tune your final presentation every step of the way.  

You will have to deliver a final 3-minute live presentation to the Judges, and showcase your product/technology/innovation. (Presentations and Exhibits happen during the same evening; usually from 4 to 7:30 pm). Your presentation has to be on the very same product you were voted to be a finalist on.  

All finalists/nominees will be invited to present to the Judges and showcase their innovation the very same day and time. 

After all presentations are complete, the Judges will proceed to deliver their final votes, selecting one Winner per Impact Area.

What if I have more questions?

You can email, or call (781) 890-9070 x221, and we will be happy to address your questions or concerns.


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